Join our review group as we head into the launch of our Creamy Exfoliating Cleanser and our Day & Night Rejuvenating Moisturiser. 

Terms & Conditions

  1. Upon receiving our sample sachets, perform a patch test (procedure listed below)
  2. Take a "before" image. 
  3. Use the products consistently for 1 week
  4. Take an "after" image. 
  5. Follow the link below to submit your review
  6. Submit both "before" and "after" images to

Patch Test: 

Use a Clear Patch of Skin (recommended to use; side of neck or inner arm). Wash and clean the patch of skin you’re going to use. Apply a small amount of the product to the patch of skin you’ve chosen, and cover the area with a bandaid. If you’re allergic to the product it will be pretty easy to tell. When you first remove the bandaid, you may notice a pink or red colour from the bandaid itself, but this should fade after a short while. If the redness does not fade, then you may have a mild allergy. If the skin is red, raised, itchy, or covered with a rash, then it is likely you have a severe allergy to the product. Do not continue using if there are visible signs of an allergy