Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a bottle of the Brightening Saffron Elixir Serum last?

Depends on how often it is used. If it is used twice daily, it should last 3 months.

How does the lid aid in the design?

The lid is sourced from Spain, and offers a button to automatically dispense the same amount of serum each time. This ensures minimal contact with the serum thereby preventing contamination and allows the product to remain stable. 

Why was a clear bottle chosen with screen printing? 

Our Brightening Saffron Elixir Serum has a bright and vibrant natural colour and we wanted each of you to be able to experience this. 

Where is the Brightening Saffron Elixir Serum manufactured?


We have an incredible manufacturer based in India that also conducts the required testing. 


Administrative Questions

How do I order?
Visit our Shop, view the products and put your order together by clicking “Add to Cart”. Your order will not be placed with us until you proceed through the checkout process, add your delivery information, and make a payment.

What payment processor do you use?
We make use of PayFast to process all payments.

When will you ship my order?
We ship orders once we get a notification from our website to say your order has been placed. PayFast instantly clears the funds in our account so there is no need to wait for money to clear.

How do I pay?
Once you have gone through the checkout process, payment is collected online. Follow the steps that you are guided through to effect payment. We do not automatically debit bank accounts or credit cards. All payments are authorised by you.

What courier do you use?
We use The Courier Guy, who we trust to deliver your packages safely and timelessly.

How long do deliveries take?
We anticipate that most deliveries take 1-2 working days if your order is placed before 2pm Monday to Friday. If you are not at the stipulated address to receive your order, we cannot be held responsible. The Courier Guy will make all reasonable attempts to contact you to deliver your order. Thus it is your responsibility to ensure that the contact details you provide to us are correct. If your order is unable to be delivered, it will be returned to us and an additional fee will be billed to re-book your delivery.

I placed my order over a weekend or late in the evening and my order wasn’t delivered the next day. Why is that?
Our couriers do everything possible to ensure fast delivery. Orders placed before 3pm Monday to Friday are shipped out the same day. Public holidays and long weekends affect delivery times. Couriers do not deliver orders over weekends or on public holidays. Long weekends delay order delivery times, and this is out of our control.

I made a mistake with my order. What do I do?
Email us at as soon as you have realised that you have made a mistake. You have 24 hours to let us know about your mistake. If you fail to meet this 24 hour deadline, we won’t know about the error, will ship your order and cannot be held responsible for it. We will also not offer refunds for erroneous orders.

Will you take back opened bottles of serums? 
No. For health and safety reasons, you are unable to return bottles of products that have been opened or partially consumed.