From an incredibly young age I struggled with eczema and consequently was at the dermatologist every 3-4 months. I tried almost every dermatologically tested brand, none of which yielded results that my teenager self was happy with.

Years had gone by and I gravitated towards botanicals to treat my eczema. These were merely homemade concoctions that stemmed from my grandmother and my ancestors whom once lived in India. My grandmother would often share stories of why we should try a particular botanical and would go into great detail about the associated benefits. This further fuelled my passion for botanicals to treat the body.

I hadn’t seen products on the shelf that offered an ayurvedic skincare solution with premium quality botanical ingredients. I knew I wanted to create a range that made people LOVE their natural skin. I wanted men and women to feel beautiful and radiant in their own skin. My view is that each blemish, scar or hyper-pigmentation adds character.

With a background in chemical engineering and chromatography, I was able to explore processes like, cold press, CO2 extraction and steam distillation, all of which are great to preserve nutrients from the botanicals. I understood how the structures of botanicals would interact with each other and I knew I had found a way to mesh my two passions - science and skincare.

Upon my travels to India, I visited many suppliers - in search of the highest quality ingredients. I was inspired by the exquisite palace architectures that imbued luxury and elegance. It took me back to the stories my grandmother would tell me of the royals in India. They made their skincare a habitual luxurious experience, yielding flawless skin.

Dewdrop Skincare™ focuses on unveiling your inner glow by creating luxurious ayurvedic treatments to target skincare concerns.

Each formulation is carefully curated to use the highest quality ingredients, sourced from around the world